We All Need Quality Downtime to Refuel and Regroup

Fast Galloping Workhorse

Are you one of those die-hard, fast galloping, workhorses that cranks it out at warp speed all week long?  If you can relate, make sure that you take some quality downtime for yourself, and preferably week-ends, because how else are you going to be your amazing self when the whole shebang starts up all over again come Monday?

Folks, it’s nearly impossible to remain a happy (with a genuine spring in your step), highly productive person, let alone a Hanna-like super human (genetically altered to be faster, smarter, greater, etc.),  if you don’t consider personal downtime as sacred ground for regrouping and refueling.

Take Time to Disengage

You Ferrari sport cars out there (yes, I am talking about you)  who never slow down for one split second, you are the ones that are highly susceptible to crash and burn, so take especially good care that you don’t keel over from the fumes of your own exhausting pace. We ALL need time to get off-the-grid now and then in order to recharge the old batteries.

I Worked. The End

When all is said and done, do you really want the story of your life and final epitaph to read: “Every waking moment of my valuable life was spent working.  The end. ”  Talk about totally missing the mark at the finish line.

We are Not Here to Simply Toil and Work

Yes, I believe we all need a mission, a calling or whatever you choose to call the grander purpose for being here.  At least I do. Otherwise, I would probably never bother to get out of my comfy bed in the morning.  I also believe that we are here to embrace and enjoy life to the fullest, and definitely not here to simply toil it all away with work.

Americans are in Last Place

Did you know that the average European takes about three times as many downtime/vacation days as we do in America?  Italy is actually at the top of the list, next is Germany, then Brazil, the UK, Canada, Korea and Japan.  Americans come in last place.

No wonder we are so stressed out, Xanax-crazed, tired and overweight . We don’t allow ourselves enough chill time.

The Vacation Mindset

If you can’t get away from it all by physically going somewhere else, get into the vacation mindset right where you are at.  Relieve stress, get more dialed into your overall life and fill back up again by going into official downtime mode.

Based on my own experience of putting the Do Not Disturb Sign Up, the world will not come to a screeching halt without your presence for 24 hours and even longer if you need it.

Unplug and Log Off

Downtime is anytime that is enjoyable and not work.  No, it’s not cleaning the house, paying the bills or running the errands you didn’t have time to do during the week. I know all those endless chores need to get done eventually, but in my book, chores are still WORK. Unplug, log off, do something fun or do absolutely nothing, which happens to be my personal favorite.

Restore balance to your life with some quality, downtime and you will feel so much better for it.

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