Negative Comments on Your Blog – That’s What the Delete Key is For

I admit, I am an opinionated blogger when it comes to SEO blogging.  However, when I write about real estate and other topics I’m not an expert at, I keep my opinions to myself. I research and shoot out the facts and report on what the real “experts” have to say. 

SEO business blogging is a different story. I shoot form the hip and write from my own experience and expertise. Hey, I’ll be the first to tell you that I don’t know everything there is to know about SEO, who does?  Hence the reason why Google hires tens of thousands of people to handle the job. 

However, I do know enough to call myself an “expert SEO blogger” and yes I can get you FOUND on the Internet for the topics you write about.

Defaming Christmas Day Comment

A couple of weeks ago, on Christmas day to be exact, I received an extremely slanderous and defaming comment on my Active Rain blog that cut through me like a knife, hence the title for this post.

Normally, I take the occasional “Negative Nelly” comments in stride because I’ve learned over the years that you need a thick skin if you want to be out there in the trenches and call your self a “SEO blogging expert.”

The word “expert” happens to be one of those loaded gun words that incites competition and controversy, and every teeny weenie SEO pundit and their mother will have something to say about what you say, knows more than you do, and will come out of the woodwork to shoot you down. Personally, I am not  an SEO glory seeker and all I really care about is getting the same search engine placement results that I get for my own blog for my clients, which happens to be at the top of SERPs for the topics I write about.

Yes, I admit, there’s probably a wee bit of bragging going on here, but I feel I’ve earned the right through my hard work, long hours, sweat equity, super human patience and generosity of my life force and time. And when it comes to sharing what I know, I give out everything I’ve got because when my clients (most of whom become my friends) are successful, I am successful too!

So, back to the defaming and slanderous comment I received on Christmas Day. Maybe it was the fact that it was “that day” and I was in the “peace, joy and good will to all men” spirit of it all. My guard was down and the comment cut through my resolve like butter.

The commenter felt compelled to stick it to me for whatever reasons and proceeded to tell me why I was “misleading people,” that what I do is “not SEO” because “content filled with bolded keywords will never get you on the first page in an industry like real estate.”  Well, I have never ever ever ever actually said that it would.

The SEO Equation includes Usability and SEO

There are many parts to the SEO equation and bolded keywords are only one part of it all.  That being said, if you negate the importance of bolded keywords in your content, you will take a hit in the SERPs.

What I preach in the majority of my posts is to “write engaging content for people, then optimize for search engines, always in that order.”  That’s my mantra and theme song because I know it to be absolutely true.  If you want to land on page one, you have to focus on usability and SEO.  The bottom line is that although SEO doesn’t convert traffic, you are nowhere to be found without it!

Site Stats expose′

And the nastiness of the comment didn’t end there. It went on to “expose” my site stats, which were not even remotely “my” site stats, and of course, never mentioning where those so called site stats came from.  Get Found Now is an open book to anyone who has the gumption to check us out and believe me, we are checked out all day long and encourage it.

Website Grader is one of many free-bee sites for checking out your own site stats as well as your competition and is available 24/7.  I am very proud of my hard-earned site stats so please check me out!  You can also type my name, Victoria Stankard, into Google which happens to be the only résumé I use.  I have about 9 to 10 pages of info referencing who I am and what I do, so enough said about that.

Blog Comments – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Allowing comments on your blog helps build blog authority and often times, the after-post discussion, questions and banter is more interesting to readers than the actual post itself.  People like discussion and the way you create it is by writing quality content on your blog that’s interesting, informative and that inspires people to add their two cents.

However, the flip side to blog comments is that people have become very comfortable with speaking their mind and voicing their opinion in the public blogosphere – and not everything said is worth saying or nice.  Therefore, don’t ever feel that you can’t delete a comment on your blog that is derogatory, defaming or simply rude in the name of “free speech.”

Hater comments cut through the marrow no matter how resilient we think we are and the more we put ourselves out there, the more resilient we need to be.  I say, be yourself, do your thing and don’t let anyone rain on your blogging parade.

Your blog is YOUR BABY and you have every right to delete comments that are offensive, instill doubt or that you simply don’t want on your blog. ESPN and other highly trafficked sites have what are called “flags” for derogatory comments and when a comment gets flagged by enough readers, it gets deleted – end of story.

Search Engine Optimization and Quality Content – The Best of Both Worlds! 

On our website, we give away a ton of free, up-to-date SEO information for webmasters, written by Michael Stankard, and expert business blogging tips for non-SEO experts, written by Victoria Stankard. Learn more about why people-focused, optimized content on WordPress is the answer for top, organic search engine placement SEO WordPress success – the Diva and Cowboy Way!

Let Us Help You GET FOUND NOW!

We offer a comprehensive list of à la carte services to choose from or you can create a custom package that suites your business model and online goals. If you are interested in Internet presence management, blog coaching, WordPress training , SEO copywriting services, SEO WordPress set up (StudioPress-Genesis) or a SEO tune-up on your existing WordPress system, please fill out the online contact form or give us a call at 813.782.1619.

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  1. That is one comment you should have deleted right from the hip.

    Bob Stewart, Brad Andersohn, Steven Graham, all Active Rain leaders and teachers, have written blogs and taught classes about bolded keywords. That is ONE of the things you do – as you have said. Within your content. Not your only content. It is very effective.

    The rude guy must not have read much of your post. And he probably knows nothing about SEO anyway.


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