If you’re like me, a prolific blogger and worker bee, there are times when the well runneth dry and nothing creative comes to the forefront to write about. Maybe I’m just tired and need a break from the daily grind of pumping out umpteen million articles of fresh content.  Whatever the case may be, we all need to occasionally take a step back and get as far away from our computers as possible – go for a walk, putz around the garden, take a yoga class, go fishing or whatever floats our boat. The idea is to get the heck out of dodge, at least for the day! 

Overdrive, worker bee, burning the candle at both ends, workaholism is not good for your morale, your health, your soul, your relationships or for business. And when it comes to blogging, nothing squelches the creative juices more than overwork, underplay and fatigue.  And don’t think that clients can’t sense when we are on “E” because they can. It’s in the furrow of our brow, the scratchy tiredness in our voice and in our hunched over, slouchy stance. 

Yes, we are all good at putting on the game face, faking it and taking one for the team, but deep down we know when we need to take time out and chillax for a day, maybe two. The bottom line is that if we don’t take breaks and needed down time, we are a lot less productive at what we do.  So, if you’re feeling taxed to the max and want to get those creative blogging juices flowing again, try playing hooky for the day and before you know it, you’ll be back at it, blogging up a storm like a super star!

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