StatPress Plugin for WordPress – Spy on Your Traffic in Real Time

StatPress Plugin for WordPress - Spy on Your TrafficIn my opinion, StatPress is a must have plugin and no WordPress site should be without it, whether you choose the original version of StatPress, which gets a 3.5/5 star rating or StatPress Reloaded, which gets a 4/5 star rating and is supposedly, a faster loading version.

The more page views you get, the longer it takes for StatPress to gather your traffic data. So, if you get over 1000 page views per day, then, yes, I would recommend installing the StatPress Reloaded version because it has a caching feature that helps speed up website loading time when you are actually accessing your real time site stats.  

Spy on Your Traffic

Basically, StatPress allows you ‘spy on your traffic in real time’ allowing you to see how visitors find and traverse your site.  Once you install either version of StatPress, it will start to collect valuable information about visitors, spiders, search keywords, feeds, browsers and more.

With StatPress, you will be able to see which pages, posts and categories are viewed the most, which keywords/search terms visitors are typing in to find you, what tags from your tag cloud (if you are smart and have one on your homepage) they are navigating from, how many visitors you get each day and what pages they viewed. 

StatPress Plugin for WordPress - Spy on Your Traffic

Also, when you update a page or post or add fresh content to your site, you will be able to witness first hand the enormous increase in spider crawling activity (shown in the StatPress Overview feature) and truly understand the importance of constantly updating page content and SEO blogging on a regular basis.

Google Analytics & StatPress

Although Google Analytics is a must have for monitoring your traffic and website performance, those reports don’t give you all the information for the amount of information you must wade through.  Because it’s web-based, Google Analytics will say your traffic is direct, from referral sites or unknown, which can be very challenging to understand where your traffic is actually coming from. Google is a script that sends all your visitor data to their own servers which you have access to.

Many plugins that incorporate Google Analytics within WordPress interfere with other functions and can cause problems on your site. StatPress, on the other hand, is pulling the data directly from the server.  There are no mistakes or misinformation.

Unlike Google Analytics, StatPress is also super easy to understand and gives you real time data on the last 10 visitors to your site whenever you want to check it out. You have the best of both worlds working for you if you use both Google Analytics and StatPress on your WordPress site. WARNING: StatPress can be highly addictive!

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