Why It’s So Important to Keep Track of Online Passwords, Access Codes, PIN #’s and Keys

estate planning, online tipsI can’t stress enough how important it is to keep excellent records of passwords, access codes, pin #’s and keys for your online affairs.  God forbid something should happen to you.  Without good records, accessibility to those records and planning, life can get pretty confusing and messy for those who are left behind.

Let me just say that I’ve experienced first hand what it’s like when the above preparation and/or estate planning is nonexistent and that’s why I want to share my story so it doesn’t happen to you.

We always had something fun, challenging and dynamic going on

My lovely husband, Michael, and I seemed to be joined at the hip from the get-go (20+ years) and had several successful entrepreneurial businesses together over the years.  Our biz ventures organically morphed into the next and we were constantly growing, changing and expanding our online horizons.

Whether it was hard drive recovery, exchange server data base recovery, online marketing, SEO or website marketing and development, it seemed like we always had something  fun, dynamic and exciting going on.

He went out for a gallon of milk on his bike and ….

The reason why I am telling you all of this is because I never would have dreamed that my husband would go out for a gallon of milk on his bike one afternoon, get hit by a car and never return home again. It has been 9 months now since his tragic accident.

As I began to pick up the pieces ….

Unfortunately, Michael had kept a lot of passwords, access codes, pin #’s and keys stored in his head. Not only that, his laptop had a fatal hard drive crash and whatever important info, passwords or pins were on his computer at the time were wiped out in one fell swoop.

Hence the reason why it’s so important to keep excellent records of online passwords, access codes, login permission, pin #’s and keys stored in a safe, accessible place.

Omnipotent to the forces of nature?

It’s human nature to believe that we are some how omnipotent to the forces of nature and that we will live on forever.  In our culture, death is something we clearly don’t like to think about let alone talk about, especially when we are still young and in reasonably good health.

In hindsight

Hindsight is always so much easier to see, but isn’t hindsight where we learn our greatest lessons?  Way back then, I wish that Michael and I would’ve considered the “what if scenario” in the event that something should happen to either one of us. We felt exempt from death and impervious to tragedy or at least it seemed that way at the time.

I have learned that the only constant in life is change and that anything can happen at any time without a moment’s notice. I want to be ready for that.

In the event that something unexpected should ever happen to me, I want to make sure that my kids and all those who depend on me will have a bit more ease during one of the most difficult transitions we face in life – when someone we love, care about and/or count on passes on.

Peace – Namaste’.

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