Why SEO Works Better On Linux

I am constantly turning down SEO jobs from customers on a Windows IIS server platform. Why do I turn done easy money? SEO has come along way with new technologies, but still remains the same after 10 years. That’s how long I have been doing this. Names might change, manners in which we obtain links have changed, but the premis is the same.

Build quality websites with unique content. Set up a deep link navigation that allows search engines to easily folow and spider your content and finally get inbound links with your keywords in the anchor text.

SO if these are the same systems run for a decade, why should it matter if you run it on Apache or IIS?

Google’s Webmaster GUidelines have alos changed little since its inception. Sure they’ve put the hammer done on spamming and link buying, but they still tell you what you need to do to achieve rankings. I find it curious that their top dogs that speak to us SEO people say the same party ines over and over again:

  • IP’s don’t matter
  • Operating Systems don’t matter
  • Duplicate content on-site won’t get you penalized
  • Subdomains or sub directories are seen the same way
  • Branding and discussion are the keys to high rankings.

So why do I continue to not want to deal with IIS. Google states that the best way for your server to comunicate with Googlebot is to use the if_modifiedsince http header. This is a function of Apache.

Matt Cutts says to use on page 301 redirects can be a problem with Googlebot, use .htaccess. Ever see a .htaccess on IIS? NO? That’s becasue it doesn’t exist. 301 redirects are a nightmare on IIS.

If you are starting out on a new website project, use Apache. If you have ever tried to run the Triad, which is Apache, PHP and MySQL on Windows Server OS, you can do it, but at the expense of killing your IIS, .NET apps and the entire framework which is why developers turn to IIS in the first place. IIS and Apache don’t play well together, in fact they don’t work at all together.

I will be addressing all the bullet points above over the next month in my server technology category. I just purchased a cloud package from Rackspace my hosting provider, who’s Cloud engineer referred to Google’s CTO’s 2 year old statement that IP’s don’t matter. BULLSHIT. We will see with our own eyes if this is true. I am running t domains on the same IP with the same topics, and 2 domains on different class C’s with 2 other very similar topics that have equal searches. There will be no chance for doubt over IP’s and the danger of a shared IP address with people you just don’t know. Don’t try and tell me that if jowblow.com who is sharing the same IP as me spams a thousand emails and they get blacklisted, that my site won’t as well. I know because it happened to me last year, not 5 years ago, less than 6 months ago.

About Michael Stankard

Michael is an experienced SEO Engineer who has worked in the field since 1996. In 2005 he devoted his energy to CMS systems and eventually WordPress. All Michael works on is the Genesis platform for WordPress. His custom solutions for WordPress have never been affected by Google updates or other acts of nature!


  1. The IP matters – it`s fact. But Such things, like differences in .htaccess and 301 redirects – this is good idea, Michael… I never really thought about theese nuances, but Google, I`m sure – did.

    Thanks for sharing, I`ll come here more often.

    Oh. Why I can`t leave a link to my resource??

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