A Website will become stale and outdated if you don’t periodically update your pages, and update your blog by posting on a regular basis.  My advice to website owners is to never – and I mean never – rest on your laurels when it comes to your content.  Even if you’ve managed to garner a sliver of the index pie just the way things are – or have been for awhile- you need to update your content in order to keep it fresh in the eyes of your readers and loyal followers.

Not to mention, Google LOVES fresh, dynamic content . Updating your content along with regular blogging will not only improve your rankings, it will help you keep the hard earned placement that you’ve already got.

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If your website content is stale, out of date and basically no longer has a pulse, your entire online presence will suffer for it.  And even if you’re lucky enough to get traffic to a website with stale content due to decent SEO, visitors won’t stay on your site long enough to take action. instead, they’ll be off in a heart beat – in search of a better user experience elswhere.

Put your current website content to the quality test by asking yourself a few simple questions. Does your content have what it takes to immediately grab the attention of your readers? Does your content stand out from your competitors? And last but not least, does your content deliver conversion results – i.e., leads and/or sales?  If you’ve answered no to any of these questions, then it’s time to get in there and shake things up with your content.

Is Your Website Content Focused on People or Search Engines?

In my travels as a website SEO content writer, I’ve come across more than one website owner who focused primarily on search engine placement and not enough on quality content creation. Obviously, when it comes to your website, SEO is important, but it’s definitely not more important than the quality of your content.  Both need to be addressed if you want a successful and thriving online presence.

“Better Content – More Leads”

Nevertheless, I strongly recommend that you write for people first – then and only then, go back and add the layers of SEO and conversion optimization. By doing that, your content will remain focused on the topic at hand and won’t become more SEO-focused content fodder.  At the end of the day, quality content that converts is the true measure of your online marketing success! Search engine optimization is the tool that will get you there!

Evergreen Content – Keeping It That Way

Website content that rarely seems to lose it’s value or relevancy, and stays relatively fresh long past its publication date is often referred to as “evergreen content.” However, even evergreen content should be revisited now and then, just to make sure that it remains evergreen. For example, let’s take a look at both Wikipedia.com and city-data.com. Both of these websites provide volumes of time-stamped information and data that tends to become outdated and even obsolete over time. Yet, both sites are rarely updated, and as a result, they’ve been rendered fairly useless as credible sources of current information.

It’s super important to periodically check your own website content for outdated information or text that’s no longer relevant, such as demographics, economic and market stats, technology topics, and so forth.  Also, if you’ve linked to other pages within your site that are no longer relevant or out-of-date, or have linked to other websites that no longer exist on the web (creating broken links), you really need to clean that stuff up!

Updating Your Website Images

Are your web page images looking tired and a bit dingy? Maybe it’s time to change out your existing images (that have been on your site since the dawn of time) to some eye catching images that will grab the attention of your site vistors. Videos and info-graphics can also add some visual appeal zing and freshness to your pages and posts.

Reformatting Your Page Content

Another way to revive a lack luster looking page is to reformat the content, such as adding subheadings that visually break up blocks of content.  It’s been proven that formatting text in shorter paragraphs is more visually appealing to readers compared to large blocks of content without visual breaks. If your web pages are clean and well-formatted, chances are your site visitors will stay on them longer and also take action.

The Takeaway

If you want your hard earned website traffic to convert (who doesn’t?), make sure your content remains fresh, uniquely valuable, and visually appealing. Be proactive with regular blogging and updating your website content often.

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