seo blogging tips, blogging tips, When a new client contacts me for WordPress training and blog coaching, I am excited to offer up my knowledge base and help them in anyway I can.

That being said, I have no idea where their skills lie for success when it comes to SEO blogging, geo-targeting, Social Media, content syndication and everything else pertaining to blogging and making serious headway in the index.

Every New Client is Approched with Fresh Eyes

Some folks come to me with years of blogging expertise, yet they are unsatisfied with their index results. Why? … because they have been blogging the exact same way for years and need to change outmoded habits that no longer work online.

Others are blogging neophytes that are looking for basic direction on how to Get found online for their topics, target market and geo-targeted area of focus. They have little or no experience with SEO blogging techniques, yet eager to learn as much as they can and as fast as they can.

As a WordPress trainer and blogging coach, my job is to start wherever you are at in your blogging skills, take you where you need to go according to your specific online goals and at a pace that you can humanly digest.  Sorry, I can’t teach you everything you need to know in one marathon training.  It just doesn’t work that way.

Rather, it is best to break it all down into sensible, bite size chunks that can be practiced, then you can come back to me with real time questions I can answer that make sense because you went out into the field and did the foot work.  Hands on trial and error is by far the the best way to learn what I teach and retain the information you need for online success.

Change – The Ebb and Flow of the Internet

How search engines analyze website content is constantly changing and if bloggers want to keep up the times  they must constantly change the way they blog.  No, it is not about learning new SEO  blogging tricks and overused tactics that fail in the long run, and which I do not subscribe to. It’s about blogging effectively within the current momentous stream of information that is constantly flowing and growing that is the Internet.

Though we are all unique individuals, we are intertwined with everything and everyone around us and constantly bombarded by outside influences – the media, Internet, books, movies, music, art and the list goes on. So, where does originality and authenticity begin and end when we blog?

Great Blogging Happens When …

Are we simply regurgitators of stimuli input from “out there” or is there an inner reservoir we can tap into that is authentic, genuine and unique?  I like to think that great blogging happens when we are both plugged into our authentic self AND dialed into the outer physical world.

Inner connection gives clarity and depth to our experiences and inspires creative thought when we blog. That being said, the Internet is wrought with soulless content from disconnected people, and as a result, scraping, scrubbing and spin doctoring has become an epidemic. Most of what you find online is homogenized fluff that’s been scraped from one website to the next so many times that it no longer has a pulse.

A lot of marketers and businesses peddling their wares and services online hire keyword fluff content writers or buy outsourced content on the cheap. They have fallen for the misconception that ‘quantity’ over ‘quality’ rules and the best way to drive traffic and convert dollars is to push content, push content, push content, even if it’s junk.

Manipulating Search Engines – You Can’t

Manipulating search engines with optimized, generic fodder rather than providing exceptional content for real people is a misinformed game plan and no longer works.  Search engines have gotten wise to SEO tactics like keyword stuffed content, don’t like it and are cracking down.

If you want a successful online presence, write information rich, engaging content for real people, not spiders and bots. Focus on your message, create discussion on your site and get the word out via social media. Build up your website rankings and placement organically on a powerful blogging platform like self-hosted WordPress and you won’t have to rely on SEO trickery.

Personally, I detest online fodder – don’t like to read it and definitely don’t want to write it.  I consider myself a purest and an authentic blogger of sorts because I write only from my own knowledge base, experiences and life.  I don’t scope out what other bloggers are writing about because if it’s already been said and out there, why say it again ad nauseum?  I don’t know about you , but if I read one more scraped and spin doctored post about the Panda update, Google + 1, or Klout, I will keel over and lose my lunch.

 Online Rip Off Artists are a Dime a Dozen

I also find it very disheartening to see one’s ideas, thoughts, post titles, images, branding, words, phrasing, sound bites, knowledge base and sweat equity spin doctored on other websites.  Well …  it happens all the time and the more you blog and the better your placement,  the worse it gets.

The ability to tap into the wellspring of creativity and put it into words is an art. It’s also sacred ground and nobody has the right to take what is yours and claim it as their own. Great blogging starts with authentic, original thought –  the rest of what’s out there on the Internet is cheap, spin doctored fodder at best, not worth a grain of salt and not worth your time reading.

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 wordpress genesis website developmentWhen either Michael (my husband, the better half and true brains of Get Found Now) or I write an article, we enjoy an insane increase of traffic. The reason for that is our site was set up properly to best take advantage of SEO and Social Media. The snapshot on the right which was snapped last month is a quick look of a typical spike. It is from a plugin called New StatPressV which we use to view traffic online in real time.

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