Sale On Optimized WordPress Packages

Have you been consistently blogging on your WordPress site without seeing any real payoff in the index?

Have you had multiple “WordPress experts” tinkering around with your site (Too many cooks in the WordPress kitchen – Recipe for disaster!) or tried to fix problems on our own? If you are not seeing great results in the index, chances are that some part of your WordPress system is skewed.

Possible reasons your site is not  performing fall into three categories and could be a problem combo pack, such as back-end server to search engine configuration, front-end navigation and usability issues and/or the way you are blogging on the system.

We  have years of experience installing and configuring self-hosted WordPress and training people how to blog effectively. We know what we are doing and have the search engine placement to prove it. has a 99/100 overall website score and a 5.3 MOZ rank from Website Grader by Hubspot. That is  what we bring to the table and can help you attain for your own self hosted WordPress site!

WordPress Back-end Tune-ups

We offer a complete back-end makeover/overhaul of syndication and communication between your content and all relevant search engines, bots and directories. We will look into the configuration of your site, find any existing problems, fix them, tell you what we fixed and what we recommend.  We will also provide you with a real time tracker that will prove more activity on your site at no extra charge.

WordPress Back end Tune-up for Only $199!

Most WordPress sites that are not performing they way they should be are due to back-end configuration problems and many are not set up to perform at all.  Allow us to diagnose your site and fix the problems. We guarantee that you will start seeing results immediately.

How WordPress Communicates

WordPress utilizes a combination of elements such as a Google sitemap, XML-RPC and RSS that work together to communicate with search engines and push out your content far and wide.  The Google sitemap (if installed) automatically rebuilds itself on a daily basis, letting the search engines know when you’ve updated a page or post or have added fresh content to your site.

When you write a new post or update a previously published post, the XML-RPC Update Service notifies (pings) numerous proprietary directories to come crawl the site.  Last but not least, RSS automatically shoots out your latest posts to all your email subscribers. You are not just relying on the spider crawling old fashion way when all of the available functions of WordPress are working in conjunction.

Free WordPress Site Diagnosis

We will look at your website usability/navigation, back-end configuration, how you are SEO blogging and give you a FREE diagnosis. Whatever problems we see, we will tell you how they can be fixed. We offer navigation/menu clean up, back-end configuration overhauls and SEO blog training and coaching.  Often times a  WordPress tune-up is all you really need.  A complete back-end tune-up is only $199 and we have many testimonials from satisfied customers that have utilized our services.

WordPress Back-end Tune-up for Only $199!

GET FOUND NOW!  WordPress Blog Design and WordPress Training

Are you ready to get serious about your online presence? We have years of experience installing, configuring and optimizing WordPress, and training people how to blog effectively.  If you would like us to design you a cutting-edge and powerful WordPress/Genesis blogging platform; would like to revamp the look and performance of your existing WordPress site or could use some one-on-one  WordPress training and blog coaching with Victoria, please give Get Found Now a call at 813-312-5606

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