When creating a WordPress system, it is important that you plan out from the very beginning for future marketing and search engine optimization. You need to have a good understanding for what topics your WordPress system will be marketing. With all the changes in Google over the past year, you need show a Lazar focused topic reputation on your site, that everything from the domain, URL, pages, posts categories and tags have a unified structure for marketing and promoting your specific topics.

A lot of people make the mistake of overlooking the ‘big picture’ and spend too much time worrying about keywords and keyword phrases. The most important part of WordPress marketing strategies for 2009 will involve topic reputation. Keywords are really just one aspect of building up your WordPress system’s reputation and authority for the topics you are promoting through SEO.

Topic Reputation and WordPress Marketing For 2009

To succeed in Google in 2009 and the future, topic reputation, discussion and social network marketing will be the way to your success when marketing your business and website. In the past year, Google has made radical changes to it’s index which has dramatically changed the way a regular surfer sees results for the specific keywords they are searching.

Google’s execution of universal search, local search and search history means that a user in Duluth for example, will see very different results than someone searching the same keywords in New York City. This not only affects service websites but websites that are reliant on on selling products.

Therefore, it is more important than ever to incorporate some geo-targeting of your topic reputation, which can be done by creating foundation pages in WordPress that are targeting specific states and cities as well as incorporating functionality such as Google maps into your content.

By introducing geographical regions into your topic reputation, your SEO strategies for your WordPress system will allow you to reach Mary Jane in Duluth or Billy Bob in Atlanta who are searching for the same product in different locations.

When planning your content, whether is is for a new WordPress System or for an overhaul of an existing WordPress system, you can start branding and get discussion going on for the topics that are intrinsic to your SEO plan.