Blogging success is a combination of usability and SEO.  If people enjoy reading your blog content, they will link back to you, re-blog, subscribe to your blog, comment, tweet, Facebook like it and the Social Media frenzy goes on.

The bottom line is that informative, engaging and well written content converts traffic and generic, SEO focused content fodder does not.

All that being said, if you don’t incorporate basic SEO principles along with great content,  you will not get found on the Internet.  Usability and SEO are joined at the hip.

Self-hosted WordPress Blogging System

For starters, I recommend blogging on a self-hosted, dynamic blogging platform such as WordPress running the Genesis framework, which in my opinion is the best content management system available for usability and SEO.  With a a self-hosted blog, you control your SEO and online destiny.  StudioPress/Genesis offers everything you need to propel your blog content into the index and get optimum results. Why waste your valuable time on a lesser blogging system?  

How to Write on WordPress Training and Blog Coaching

My “How to Write on WordPress training” boot camp and blog coaching is a two-fold approach.  The first part of the training is the WordPress system itself.  In order to maximize all the great features that a blogging platform offers, you have to understand how it works.  The best, chef-grade pots and pans that money can buy won’t do you any good if you don’t know how to cook with them.  The same goes for operating your content management system.

You must also know how to write and optimize content on WordPress to be a successful blogger.  And as I stated before, it starts with great content, but it doesn’t end there.  If you want search engine placement, you need to understand how your blogging system communicates with search engines, wrap your head around a few SEO principles and implement them on your blog.

In my “How to Write on WordPress Training” sessions, I teach you how to flush out a great post then optimize it for the search engines – always in that order. Writing utilizes the nonlinear, creative part of your brain, whereas SEO is a more linear, methodical formula you follow.  Therefore, don’t dilute your creativity by attempting to optimize your content at the same time.  Write an amazing post, then go back into it later and do your SEO magic.

I have taught many people how to use WordPress for effective content generation, website promotion and search engine placement. If you take my 4 one-hour “How to write on WordPress Training” session package, you will learn:

  • How to format pages/posts for usability and SEO –  You will learn how to format using heading tags (h2, h3, h4, etc.), images, bulleted lists, intra-linked marketing plugs, etc.
  • How to edit and insert images – You will learn how to find, save, edit, title and insert images, add a group of images such as a photo album utilizing the gallery feature, and add a featured post in the dynamic content gallery or WP slide show (if applicable to your WordPress system) and add alt text for SEO
  • How to use categories – You will learn how categories work and how to create them
  • How to use tags  – You will learn how to tag or label posts effectively for tag topic authority SEO and usability (tag cloud navigation)
  • How to create links – You will learn how to intera-link pages and posts within your site and link to other sites
  • How to optimize pages – You will learn how to optimize pages and posts using good keywords/search terms 
  • How to create SEO meta title tags – very important for SEO 
  • How to create effective SERP excerpts (what people see when posts/pages show up in the index) – You will learn how to write an effective marketing description for optimum click throughs
  • How to embed Google maps for SEO geo-targeting specific areas
  • How to utilize Social Media (Twitter and Facebook) for content marketing  
  • Last but not least – You will learn insider blogging techniques and SEO tricks (all white hat) of the trade from my own SEO business blogging playbook

I also offer free follow up support via email and additional blog coaching for those who want to kick up their business blogging to the next level. I am proud to own the search term “blog coaching and SEO (#1 in the SERPs)” and that kind of placement is what I teach my clients how to get for their own blog!

Search Engine Optimization and Quality Content – The Best of Both Worlds! 

On our website, we give away a ton of free, up-to-date SEO information for webmasters, written by Michael Stankard, and expert business blogging tips for non-SEO experts, written by Victoria Stankard. Learn more about why people-focused, optimized content on WordPress is the answer for top, organic search engine placement SEO WordPress success – the Diva and Cowboy Way!

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