WordPress - Why Doesn't the Image in My Post Show up on the Homepage?Even though WordPress is a considered to be a user-friendly blogging platform, there is a bit of a learning curve one must overcome before you will truly feel like a WordPress pro, no doubt about it.

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However, one of the most common questions I hear as a WordPress SEO trainer and SEO Blogging Coach is “Why doesn’t the image in my post show up when I feature it on my homepage?”  The reason for this is that StudioPress WordPress themes pull the featured homepage image from the post ‘gallery’ not from the actual post itself.

Homepage Featured Images get Pulled from the Post Gallery – Not the Post Itself

So, if you’ve recycled an image from your media library or pasted an image into your post from another blog post or from the Internet, the image hasn’t actually been uploaded into the gallery for that specific post. To reiterate, homepage featured images get pulled from the post gallery, not from the post itself and must be uploaded into the gallery itself as an image file.

What that also means is that you have to order the image you want to show up on your homepage – image #1 (if you have more than one image in a post) in the post gallery.  StudioPress WordPress themes use a drag and drop method for moving images around in the post gallery and give you the option of ordering images in a specific manner.  

For example, if the image you want on your homepage is #3 in the gallery, you simply drag and drop the image to the top of the list of images and then choose the ‘ascending’ image order feature. That image now becomes #1 and will be the featured image that shows up in the post on the homepage.

Media Library Images

You can use images from your media library (collection of all uploaded images on your WordPress blog) within your post and I highly recommend that you do recycle images because it saves valuable time, rather than gathering new ones for every SEO blog post, especially if you’re a prolific blogger like me.  Just keep in mind that images inserted from the media library have not been uploaded into your post gallery and will not be featured on your homepage.  

Don’t Forget to Title the Image in the Post Gallery

Last but not least, even if you titled the image in the post, you still need to do the same for that image in the post gallery, otherwise what will show up on the homepage is the original file name of the image. For example, let’s say the image file name for the image in your post was “sold-sign-happy-couple,”  so you go ahead and title and alt text the image in the post appropriately, depending on the topic of the post. 

However, if you don’t also change the title of the same image in the post gallery, the original file name is what will show up on the homepage, which not only looks unprofessional, it doesn’t help your SEO.

Dynamic Content Gallery and Slider Features

This also applies if you have a dynamic content gallery or a slider feature as part of your SEO WordPress blog design. Do you really want the file name of your image to be what people see (not to mention what the search engines see) when visitors mouse over the image, or do want an optimized title that actually looks like you know what the heck you are doing?

As with all things with StudioPress WordPress themes, adding images to SEO blog posts is easy once you learn the basics and that’s what we’re here to teach you!

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