Change is good for the soul and is also good for SEO. I  often tell bloggers that it’s never a waste of time to go back into earlier published posts, change things up a bit and give them a face lift with fresH  content as it will go sale very quickly.. 

It’s actually a blogging misconception that writing a new post on the same topic you’ve already covered from A to Z , will help your topic authority and search engine placement.  Frankly speaking here, it makes absolutely no sense to blog about the same discussion or topic you’ve  already blogged about. It is already in the the index and does not need to be pontificated upon. It is is complete in the eyes of search engines.

If I tried to cram everything I know about SEO blogging  tips into one post, I would overwhelm my site visitors, fry their brains and I would also have a hard time getting decent placement in the index for a topic that broad. Its always better to break down competitive topics into individual and separate, granular focused  topics. We call that “low hanging fruit.” Use long tail search terms and link your pages/posts to as many relevant pages and posts within your website – deep link navigation, internal web within the greater web SEO.

I say, if you’ve already said it, why say the exact same thing in a new post that will not have the same index aging and search engine placement clout?  A better use of your time would be to blog about something else.

When an Earlier Post is No Longer up to Your Present Time Standards

I revisited one of my earlier published posts, one that I had written about 6 months ago. It was a great topic to blog about and had stellar placement.  However, I have grown so much since I wrote it and the world has changed so much around me that it’s no longer representing my current knowledge base and the ever changing lanscape of the Internet.

So, instead of reinventing the wheel and writing a new post about the same ole topic (ad nauseum), I revibed the  post that was already holding its own in the cyber trenches. I gave it a snappy new title (not a new permalink, mind you), updated what I had to say about the topic, added fresh optimized images and sent the post back out through my RSS, xml-rpc update service and the Social Media airwaves. t was highly successful.

The Digital Age We Live In – A Sea of Constant Change

The Internet is in a constant state of flux and a technological system or way of doing something that worked brilliantly 6 months ago or even last week, could very well be defunct today. We are literally bombarded with new information everyday and what once seemed like a masterpiece worthy of publication and literary accolades can quickly become an out-of-date thorn in your side. No worries mates.  Go back in and give those earlier posts a face lift and shoot them right back out there again.

Keeping Up with the Ever Changing Landscape of Internet Technology

If your post is coming up in the search results and the Google thumbnail and excerpt area unappealing to Internet users, your chances of a click through are minimal. I suggest that you go back in and modify your pages to keep up with Google changes.

Change, change and more change is in the air and if you want to make a difference, grow your business online and stay one step ahead of your competitors, you will have to  keep up with change, even if that means taking a one step back to move 10 steps forward by visiting your earlier blog posts and giving them a face lift

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