Write from Your Gut THEN Optimize for Search Engine PlacementFor all you die hard, amazing SEO bloggers out there and for all of you newbie bloggers that are not quite experts yet at getting search engine placement for the topics you write about, this post is for you. 

My motto and theme song has always been to always write from the gut first, then go back in and do your SEO mechanics for search engine placement.   

I have been a professional SEO blogger, StudioPress/Genesis (used to be Revolution) SEO WordPress Developer and SEO blogging coach for quite some time and this is pretty much how my day goes. I admit, I am one of those offbeat creative types so a typical day for me is probably not going be the average day for most.

First of all, I am swamped with clients and website work so I allocate blocks of time devoted to specific tasks. Without my to-do list and calendar of blog coaching appointments in front of my face, laid out in chronological order of dates and times, my head would do a 360 spin and I would be dead in the water.

I am also one of those 24/7 worker bees that gets up in the wee hours, before the sun comes up, when the house is quiet and my 2 kids and hubby are still asleep. That’s when I get most of my SEO blogging and website work done.  I am talking 3:00 and 4:00 am.

Just ask some of my Pacific coast blogging buddies. “What the hell are doing up so late?” Well, for me it’s early morning show time folks.  When I an laying in bed and the inspiration for a new post starts coming, I have to get those words out before they are gone like the wind and so off to my computer I go.

After a strong cup of Java and a brisk morning walk with my Aussie, I get down to business. I can get more done in those early morning hours than most people can get done in a 12 hour day. My phones are not ringing off the hook and my creative juices are flowing and on fire.   

I also happen to be one of those animal loving freaks, so my 2 cats, who really dig the quiet creative energy, sit on my desk and purr away while my dog curls up under my feet as I write. My office is like Doctor Dolittleville and it all adds to the creative vibe and good energy that helps me write.

When I Blog I Never Think About SEO

The truth is that when I blog, I never even think about SEO. I just let the words pour out from the depths of my being. Some of it is really inspired stuff and some is God awful tripe, but while I am on a roll, I never edit or judge or I stop the creative flow. 

Once I am finally emptied of words, I walk away from it.  I go feed my meowing cats. I fold the laundry, unload the dishwasher, paint my toe nails, water my plants or whatever. I just go and do something else. When the time is right and I am no longer married to the brain dump post I have just flushed out, I go back in and give it a major clean up. I switch gears into left brain mode and spell check, make my revisions, move words around and try to put it all together into one cohesive, readable whole.  

The SEO Makeover for Search Engine Placement

 SEO WordPress Blog Makeover for Search Engine PlacementHowever, at this point, I am still not ready to go back in and give it the total SEO makeover it requires if I want the topic I am SEO blogging about to get found in the index.  

There is still a gestation period that needs to happen. So, I usally start a new blog post in order to completely disengage from the creative aspect of my previous post.  I have to be able to optimize as if someone else wrote it, which for me is the easy part. I can shape up another’s post in about two seconds flat and give it everything it needs to get search engine placement for the topic the post is about.

Adding search terms are not always eloquent or the way we would normally speak if we were actually having a real conversation or the natural way we write. 

Search engine optimization requires that we add strong tags, heading tags, geo-targeted maps, property search links, interlinking of pages, linking out to authority sites, meta titles, meta descriptions and whatever other SEO mechanics we deem appropriate for the post.  Otherwise, we won’t get found on the Internet for the topic we are writing about.

Anyway folks, that’s how I do it. I never mix SEO with creative flow because as far as I’m concerned, they are on opposite ends of the spectrum. Your content will be more engaging for readers and your optimization will better for search engine placement if you separate the SEO blogging process into two distinctive parts.

Search Engine Optimization and Quality Content – The Best of Both Worlds!

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